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v2.86 for Android
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Sep 11, 2023

Try to escape from a haunted house full of traps in the first-person Granny 5 Game Apk. But it won't be easy to escape - if she hears something like a fly falling, the evil "grandmother" will come at you at full speed. With the virtual directional pad on the left side of the screen, you can move your character around the house and interact with almost anything: open drawers, hide under beds, collect keys, set traps, etc.

Remember that you only have five days to run away from home and you'll know right away that it takes you five days. If you make a little noise, Granny 5 Game Apk will follow you at full speed. You may be able to escape her, but if she catches you, she will throw you out.

When that happens, you're back to square one and a day has passed. Don't let it get to you! With a constant worry of waking up Granny 5 Game Apk and an intuitive control system, It is a classic horror game. can you make it out alive?

About Granny 5 Game Apk

Granny 5 Game Apk offers users to use the services of the app to play this scary and cool game that has different gameplay. This is a fan-made version of the original game that was loved by everyone. The application provides users with an opportunity to use the services of the application and enjoy new gameplay involving four family members.

There's also a grandfather who doesn't listen much and you'll want to shoot him if he feels like he's intruding. There's also a granddaughter who shows up from time to time and tries to make the intruder's stay even more difficult, and she has to make sure that none of the members see her or her life ends. It's also important to make sure she does Leave home within 5 days.

The user can hide under the bed or sofa. They can also be in custody but they have to make sure nobody finds them because it will be difficult for them. Users of this application can use all the services of the application after giving certain permissions to the application to make it work well on the device where they installed and downloaded the application.