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Survival Guide Apk is a suspenseful and exciting game that tells the journey of a loving husband who, after leaving town, returns to the epicenter of an unknown virus outbreak. The main goal of the protagonist is to find his missing wife and tenant while managing the dangerous and hostile environment. As players embark on this exciting journey, they will face a series of challenges that will test their ability to survive, stay strong, and protect the people they care about.

The game begins when the husband returns to town after being stricken with a virus. Once-familiar streets and buildings are now filled with chaos and destruction. Players are introduced to a world where danger lurks everywhere and survival is a constant struggle.

While the main character is looking for his wife and roommate, the players have to visit different locations in the city. Search locations include abandoned buildings, dark alleys, and shelters. There are clues, objects, and people everywhere that can help you figure out what caused the outbreak and where your loved ones are. The Survival Guide App includes sections on travel, resource management, and strategic decision-making.

Players must find things like food, water, and medical supplies to stay alive and help them on their journey. When these resources are insufficient and there is always a possibility of danger, it is important to manage them properly.

About Survival Guide Apk

Survival Guide Apk also puts players in difficult moral situations and forces them to make difficult decisions. They may meet other survivors, each with different stories and needs. Players must choose to help or harm these people, which can affect their lives and the entire story. These decisions not only change the main character but also affect what happens to other people in the game world.

On this journey, her husband's feelings are put to the test. The stress, fear, and uncertainty of the situation begin to erode his sense of hope and compassion. Players must make choices that help them maintain their good feelings toward the world, as losing sight of their humanity can be harmful to them and the people they care about.

The atmospheric graphics, compelling story, and challenging game mechanics of Survival Guide an intense and addictive gaming experience. The story-driven nature of the game keeps players interested in the main character's mission and creates an emotional connection to the impact their choices have on them.

What is Survival Guide Apk?

Survival Guide Apk is an application that, as the name suggests, offers a survival guide that you need to get out of the most difficult situations. Also, the manual is divided into different categories.

The sliding menu on the left side of the screen gives you quick access to all of the app's categories. Desert, tropical, cold, ocean, etc. Here are tips and guidelines to avoid each situation. You'll find categories for crafting tools, identifying dangerous animals, poisonous plants, or even dressing up.

Attached to the Offline Survival you will find images of venomous snakes, illustrated instructions for tying all types of knots, images of medicinal and poisonous plants, and much more. And all in a single application that takes up less than 9 megabytes.

It is one of those apps that you should always have on your smartphone. Ideally, you'll never have to use it, but given the small footprint, you'll have to put it up because you never know what might happen.

For over twenty years, the App has been the definitive guide to surviving in any situation, anywhere in the world. Now the million-selling best-selling book for Android and the best-selling iPhone/iPad app has been reinvented for the first time.

  • Official Honors at the 15th Annual Webbies
  • Selected for iTunes Rewind 2010
  • Recommended apps from Apple
  • Included in iTunes Staff Favorites
  • Also featured on WhatsApp Hot and New & Noteworthy in most countries.
  • The lifestyle app takes first place in almost every category

Written by former SAS soldier and trainer John "Lofty" Wiseman, this app brings you the classic training techniques of Britain's toughest armed forces in the most accessible version yet. Now you can apply world-class survival skills anywhere in the world, from the peaks of Kilimanjaro to the deserts of Kandahar...or the nearest national park.

Survival Guide Apk Features 

Zoom enabled for better display of text/images.

  • All texts and images can be read offline. No internet connection is required. Your internet connection is only used to display advertisements.

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • Living work
  • Survival model

Chapter 2: The Psychology of Survival

  • A Look at Stress
  • Natural reaction
  • Control yourself

Chapter 3: Survival Plan and Survival Gear

  • Importance of planning
  • Essential ingredients

Chapter 4: Basic Survival Medicine

  • Must maintain health
  • Medical emergency
  • Bailout
  • Injuries to bones and joints
  • Bites and stings
  • Harm to the environment
  •  Medicinal plants

Chapter 5: Surrender

  • Main wearer: uniform
  • Choice of the host site
  • Types of accommodation

Chapter 6: Water Supply

  • Water fountains
  • Still under construction
  • purification of water
  • water filter

Chapter 7: Weapons

  • The basic principle of fire
  • Site selection and preparation
  • Selection of fire retardant materials
  • How to start a fire
  • How to start a fire

Chapter 8: Food Supply

  • Animals for feeding
  • Loss and damage
  • A murder device
  • Fishing equipment
  • Cooking and preserving fish and game

Chapter 9: Using Plants for Survival

  • Plant Nutrition
  • Medicinal plants
  • Various uses of plants

Chapter 10: Poisonous Plants

  • How plants produce toxins
  • All about plants
  • Rules for avoiding poisonous plants
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Poisoning by ingestion

Chapter 11: Dangerous Animals

  • Insects and arachnids
  • leeches
  • bats
  • Poisonous snakes
  • Snake-free zone
  • Dangerous lizard
  • Danger to rivers
  • Dangers in bays and estuaries
  • Dangers of saltwater
  • More dangerous sea life

Chapter 12: All-Terrain Weapons, Gear, and Tools

  • Employees
  • Association
  • Cold steel
  • More contemporary weapons
  • Rope and whip
  • Structure of the backpack
  • Clothing and insulation
  • Kitchen and dishes

Chapter 13: Survival in the Desert

  • Area
  • Environmental factors
  • I need water
  • Heat loss
  • Be careful
  • Dangers of the desert

Chapter 14: Tropical Survival

Tropical climate

  • Forest type
  • Travel through the forest area
  • Fast thinking
  • Purchase of water
  • Eat
  • Toxic plants

Chapter 15: The Existence of Cold

  • Cold areas and regions
  • Freezing wind
  • Basic principles of cold protection
  • Cleaning
  • Medical Aspects
  • Cold sores
  • shelter
  • Traffic light
  • Waterfall
  • water travel
  • weather sign

Chapter 16: Life at Sea

  • The open sea
  • Beach

Chapter 17: Fast Crossing

  • Rivers and streams
  • fast
  • Floating
  • Flotation device
  • Other hazards of water
  • Obstacles to the growth of vegetation

Chapter 18: Area Orientation

  • Use sun and shade
  • Use the moon
  • Use the stars
  • Create a temporary compass
  • Other ways of determining the direction

Chapter 19: Signaling Techniques

  • Application
  • Signal, ie
  • Codes and signals
  • Flight procedures

This fully standalone app includes:

  • Full text of the bestseller (400+ pages), optimized for iPhone and Android
  • 16 videos with valuable survival tips from Lofty himself
  • Photo Gallery of animal tracks, knots, food, medicinal and poisonous plants, sea creatures, and snakes
  • Morse code signaling device
  • Quiz with over 100 questions to test if you have what it takes to survive
  • Search tool to search the entire book by topic
  • Extreme Weather Survival: Survive in polar, desert, tropical, and ocean regions
  • Complete the First Aid section