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Sep 27, 2023

Notify Buddy Apk - Amoled Notification Lite is an LED notification application for smartphones. Although the app has been tested on OP6T, it will work on any Android Oreo phone or higher.

Whenever the alarm is displayed in color on the OP6 T screen When there are notifications, the program displays them on a dark screen with lots of animations. Download the app immediately so that all contact with LED notifications stays on your device, which improves notification efficiency.

Although tested on the Oneplus 6T, it should work for most Android Oreo and newer phones. So I was annoyed that the OnePlus 6T didn't have an LED notification light and tried to make it mine.

For phones with AMOLED display, the app brings notifications to the black screen with LED-like animations when the desired notification arrives.

About Notify Buddy Apk 

Notify Buddy Apk was created because some OnePlus devices do not have a notification light. In 2018, one of the features that OnePlus wanted to eliminate during the design of the OnePlus 6T was the notification LED.

The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro have no LED notification, but the OnePlus has added the same lighting effect to change things. However, owning a car is still beyond the reach of an ordinary person.

Notify Buddy App is specifically designed for the OnePlus 6T, but most Android phones with Android Oreo and more can work with it. This app works well with OLED screens, so a notification light does not illuminate the entire screen.

In the meantime, the developer has introduced fire protection in case of a burning problem by changing where the notification light appears periodically.

Note that technically the phone will not sleep during the call, it may drain your battery. Some users reported minimum consumption, others reported much higher. However, this type of app does not consume large batteries.

Notify Buddy Apk Features 

Adjust the duration of the LED animation - One of the problems with the standard LED notification light on a smartphone is that it can barely be adjusted. You cannot change this in the settings because it is built into the phone.

The good news is that Notify Buddy allows you to change the LED animation time in 1 to 10 seconds. It will take some time for the LED to flash once.

Different LED colors - if you choose red for better visibility, you can do it with Notify Buddy. In principle, however, they are usually only white. However, at Notify Buddy, you can use the color wheel to change colors anytime!

LED Placement - Most LED flashlights are located above or below the smartphone. Notify Buddy, on the other hand, can appear almost anywhere on the screen! You have the option to place it at the top, bottom, top left, bottom right, or center.

Adjust the size of the LED - you can make the LED as small or as large as you want. This is especially useful for people with visual impairments. Thanks for the app, they have no reason to miss the news!

Malfunction - You can use the above version to stop working for a while. There is a limit to what this program can change.

The best part is that this program is completely free to download and use! It is compatible with any Android phone, not just the OnePlus 6T!

More Features 

  • Set the LED animation time.
  •  Change the LED color.
  • Change the LED position.
  • Find out missed calls.
  • Resize LED (Premium required!)
  • Add a malfunction
  • And much more ...

A higher version can be purchased in the program to unlock all features!

What should you do before using the application?

Easy operation at the beginning of use. With just a short usage time, the user can control both the function and the operation. We will guide the users in detailed steps to use the application correctly for maximum efficiency. First, you have to choose for which programs you want to set a notification,

and if the selected program has a notification, the current application signal must have LED lights. This limits the ability of users to monitor important news, quickly monitor phone calls for notifications, and miss important tasks.

When creating notifications, select the light you want, from light color to light size and LED light position for the announcement, and customization, which makes your device unique and personal. Users can customize and edit the features they want. This makes a difference in the app, at least it's not the same.

All other settings in the Notify Buddy application (MOD, Premium Unlocked) allow users to configure everything to their liking. Check the list of applications to see if the items you need have been checked. Turn off the screen near you to save your device's battery life. Save battery power to keep your apps running longer. Be sure to allow our app to notify the LED user about our app.

Notify Buddy App Finally, select the app you want to view, and select the color of the notification LED. It is important to note that you have successfully selected a color scheme for your application. Accurate Notification Light text,

with the text name, converts the text to the correct color, making it easier to identify users. Note also that for devices with MIUI 11, users must ensure that the "Auto Launch" section is enabled in the application information.

You must carefully read the "Show on lock screen" permission to give users the right to display notifications when the screen is locked, to ensure that users receive full LED knowledge if there are notifications in other applications.

Select index placement;

  • Ability to change color;
  • Encouraging time adjustment;
  • Format indicator
  • Set a deadline;
  • Performance test during loading;
  • Animation duration and cyclic repetition;
  • Synchronization with user and system applications;
  • Protection against excessive heat.


  • Disable the screen of the environment for application and all battery optimization
  • Give access to notifications.
  • Select the color for which you want to receive notifications for applications
  • Note: After selecting a successful color for the application, the text with the application name should be changed to that color.
  • Just this.
  • Make sure the app information has Auto Launch enabled for MIUI 11 devices. Also, check the "Show on lock screen" permission in other settings

Optional LED lighting information system

We just need to give the requested access rights to use it. All we have to do is select the app from which we want to receive notifications and click on them to set the color of the notifications.

It provides us with a different system of alerts and notifications than usual, so if you want to improve everything in Android adaptation, here is another tool for you that you can do with this application.

  • Change the color of the notification light.
  • Change the position of the notification light.
  • Adjust color and intensity.
  • Resize light.

Is Notify Buddy Apk free?

  • Notify Buddy offers two types of services: free and high-quality services With the free service you can:
  • A limited number of features are available, but you will be credited if you use the higher version
  • Unlimited access to its features.
  • You can purchase a premium subscription to this app from the Google PlayStore for a fee
  • A huge amount of real money is not readily available to everyone.
  • In that case, you can rely on a modified version of this application, also known as Notify
  • Friendly Mode APK. This is a modified version of the official notification comrade program, which is somewhat unknown.
  • Developers have designed and edited the existing code of the Approved Notification Buddy Unlock application.
  • Superior functions.
  • With this application, you can use and download all the above features for free
  • Our website is not available in the Google Play Store.

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