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Twitchy Finger Ltd.
v3.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 22, 2023

4WD Racer MOD Apk offers players a beautiful mini-racing concept through addictive and disciplined gameplay and beautiful graphics quality. It also includes new race cars for the player to collect and use throughout their career.

Compete with mini 4WD racers from around the world by modifying, customizing, and racing your car in this exciting mini 4WD simulation experience on mobile! Emphasizes the technical aspect of balancing vehicle speed at specific points on the track,

making the game more realistic and enjoyable. Especially online multiplayer racing events or activities are the pinnacle of entertainment for everyone.

About 4WD Racer MOD Apk

We look at the many racing games that are now available. In many exciting racing games, you can unlock, modify, and enjoy the many roads available in the game. The player community allows you to enjoy many races where you can compete with the best players from around the world. But if you want to enjoy something different. The game has 4WD Racer MOD Apk that you can race with.

Instead of regular cars, in this game, you compete against other racers from all over the world in an online PvP mode. Here you can unlock more than 120 different vehicles that you can freely customize and change to your liking.

Unlock Sub Zero, Warthog, Storm Breaker, and many more cars. Every vehicle has speed, torque, downforce, weight, drag, stability, and downforce. You can also play the story mode where there are more than 250 levels that you are welcome to complete.

Racing games are popular and can be found in Google Play Store. Today you can find many games like Beach Buggy Racing, Hill Climb Racing, Dead Ahead, CSR Classics, Racing Fever, Real Racing, Top Drive, etc.

Racing games are fun because you can be fast and reckless without the dangers of real life. In addition, you can use it to unlock new cars to customize and enjoy. You can participate in all types of races and enjoy many of them.

With 4WD Racer MOD App you can enjoy a new concept of racing that will take you back to your childhood. This Twitch finger game lets you enjoy a fun 4WD simulation racing game where you compete against other toy cars. Here you can unlock more than 120 different 4WD cars to race today. It has a story mode where you can enjoy more than 250 interesting levels with dialogues. Here you can unlock different cars that you can modify.

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4WD Racer MOD Apk Features 

Create your own character with many avatars available.

4WD Racer MOD Apk Android gives players the opportunity to easily create their own characters with multiple avatars available. Try different cool character skins and themes that will make your gaming experience even more fun with some customization items.

Exciting little car racing game.

For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy the exciting miniature car racing game with small but very fast miniature vehicles. In addition, the comfortable and simple mini-races with minimal control requirements draw your attention to car customization and customization, which makes 4WD Racing gameplay more interesting. Not to mention that you now have access to over 120 different cars, each with its own unique setup.

Lots of customizations to your car.

4WD Racer Android gamers can now choose from various auto customization options, making it even easier for Android users. Try out over 500 different car parts as you try to customize and tweak your car's engine. Improve their speed but make lots of adjustments to ensure your cars can go faster and accelerate like crazy.

A great story mode to enjoy.

Players can enjoy exciting game plots that will take their characters through several exciting RPG missions. Enjoy over 250 unique game levels, each with its own exciting challenges and numerous in-game rewards, not to mention that the increasing difficulty of the game ensures that each level remains fun and exciting.

Enjoy multiplayer online gameplay.

4WD Racer MOD Apk, Android players can enjoy an exciting online multiplayer game with friends and online players around the world. Enjoy challenging real players with a smart matching system and see if your toy car mods are enough to beat them. Join many exciting online tournaments and enjoy real-time PvP battles whenever you want.

Enjoy the game with multiple online schedules.

And to make the game even more fun, 4WD Racer offers its own exciting online events, along with various themed tournaments and limited-time experiences, each offering great gameplay and tons of exclusive prizes

Feel free to participate in the many special format races to enjoy during these events and earn limited rewards. Take part in several weekly special races with many exciting game features or enjoy limited edition car races anytime.

Join your friends in a special squad mode.

To spice up the online multiplayer gameplay, It also has its own exciting team mode that you can enjoy with all your friends. Feel free to create your own legendary racing team and enjoy many exciting online races with other teams. Plus, immerse yourself in squad management gameplay with tons of unlockable features. Lead your team in the ultimate miniature racing competition with challenging ranked battles.

Enjoy multiple daily challenges.

Plus, for daily racing experiences, you can still complete a number of daily challenges including limited-time and time-attack races. Always have fun in the game with multiple daily random tracks that will help you make the most of your racing experiences in the game.

Additional Features

  • Very easy to play, very fun to drive 
  • Online real-time multiplayer mode: Compete with your friends or compete with international drivers 
  • 100 levels in challenge mode: let's see how many levels you can complete!
  • Unlimited Chase Mode Levels: Compete with the best, hunt down your rivals, and show them you're the master!
  • Career Race Mode: Defeat your opponents and become a legend!
  • 15 super hypercars to drive!
  • Upgrade your cars to increase performance and complete challenges!
  • Customize your cars with cool car paints and cool wheels!
  • Stunning 3D graphics and realistic lighting!
  • Multiple controls: tilt, steer, and touch buttons
  • Customize the vehicle controls: place the controls as you wish
  • Various camera angles: first-person view, third-person view, and top view
  • 5 realistic environments: Farm, City, Mountain Day, Mountain Night, and Snow
  • 7 game modes: Online Multiplayer, Challenge Mode, Career Mode, Pursuit Mode, Unlimited, Time Trial, and Free Spins
  • 33 achievements, 9 global leaderboards, and 1 weekly multiplayer leaderboard
  • Automatic or manual acceleration options
  • Busy and intelligent traffic system, so avoid traffic vehicles, be fast, and beat the rest.
  • Save or load your game progress!
  • Encouragement from Mary!

Why play 4WD Racer MOD Apk?

  • Compete against your friends or challenge random players from around the world
  • 100 Nail Biter Challenge
  • Chase mode is addictive and has unlimited levels
  • Snow Dot is a wild white devil for drift racing and racing!
  • Smooth controls that adapt to your play style
  • Nice night mode with lots of fireworks
  • Realistic lighting environment
  • Amazing background music to give you the thrill of high-speed racing!
  • Highly customizable 3D racing game, small file size, and low battery consumption.
  • MR Racer game will be a treat for road and street racing fans to experience the high-speed racing fever and become a real racing hero!
  • 3D racing game with realistic gameplay, solid controls, and amazing sports cars Online and offline racing game for your Android device!
  • Live the real racing experience.

Real-time multiplayer racing:

  • Compete with the racing world champion MR Racer 
  • Invite your friends and compete with them and earn more money with the MR Racer game
  • Drive on spectacular highways against 5 global opponents from all over the world
  • Build your PvP experience with private races
  • Enjoy voice chat in private races with your friends
  • Taunt your friends with emojis
  • Complete the weekly multiplayer leaderboards and join the Hall of Fame in the lobby
  • Enjoy the best online real-time multiplayer car racing game.