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Apr 04, 2023

Pocket Bravery Apk is a dynamic fighting game featuring charismatic characters with unique fighting styles and abilities. The gameplay is inspired by classic fighting games of the 90s but includes many modern mechanics and features. The visual style is characterized by a retro design. The environment is decorated with bright colors that refer to various Japanese projects.

Pocket Bravery Heroes excels in various punches, combos, parries, and super attacks. The game balance in cybersport tournaments is regulated. Battle mode is available for beginners. Specifically, we're talking about training, where you learn and master the moves of a character from a long list. Each hero has two arms and one leg. All fighters are proficient in two basic attacks: fire, freeze, etc. Two bars of health and energy remain active during battle.

The bottom plate is reserved for energy that builds up during combat. It can be used for powerful attacks or breaking. By filling the gauge to 100%, you can deal a devastating blow to the enemy. Using elemental magic also costs energy. Games of the last two rounds. In the settings, you can set the number of turns, the duration of the battle, the character's survivability, and more. Fighters include Nuno, Sebastian, Hadassah, Ndd, and other characters.

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Pocket Bravery Apk draws inspiration from 90's classics like Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and The King of Fighters. And its SD aesthetic has influenced games like Pocket Fighter and other neo-geo pocket color battle games.

But make no mistake, Pocket Bravery aims to create a unique new fighting game with original characters, bright colors, and a battle system that will impress you as the game focuses on high-level players However, it has features, that teach beginners how to grow and develop in the game.

The game uses a number pad and four buttons, two for punching and two for kicking. You can control traditional fighting games with the D-Pad and the buttons for special moves, super special, or ultimate attacks. Each character has an element that represents their physical or supernatural power. You can stack 2 attacks on your elemental meter. This system makes it possible to create basic attacks with different characteristics, opening up new offensive or defensive possibilities for the player.