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Sep 22, 2022

Pixel Starships Mod Apk Hyperspace War tells the story of humanity dealing with aliens in outer space who wish to invade Earth. Thanks to a satellite TV signal to a computer, our scientists detect an anomaly that may be on our planet.

Some satellites are destroyed and unusual objects fall from the skin to Earth. Unfortunately, a group of astronauts is assembled and sent to the area to explore. With a fully armed starship, they must destroy everything that threatens peace on Earth. Can they return safely?

In this game, you control a spaceship. In your field research journey, you will face many pernicious problems such as Alien races and various groups constantly attacking us. And if you meet them, they may even beat you. After that,

if you don't want to be defeated, you have to build and develop your ship in all functions. The main systems to upgrade and improve our weapons and defenses. When these two techniques are at a high level, the ship is more efficient and is the key to determining the final outcome of the battle. However, to make the plane work, you need to supply gas.

This gasoline is processed at the gas station and you can steal gasoline by killing enemies. Usually, the battle results in your ship breaking into different parts. You can reset your ship for unskilled workers.

About Pixel Starships Mod Apk

Pixel Starship Mod Apk is a fun space battle game. This game is available for Android and iOS platforms. This is a game where you can fight other players using missiles, lasers, bombs, and more. First, you have to choose your spaceship design and then you start the game.

You must manually control the spaceship to cross this area. The graphics are beautiful and attractive, so you will enjoy playing them. It's also best to be careful as there are many traps on the map that can damage or kill the spaceship.

You need to collect some resources during the game to upgrade your ship so that you can stay longer on the map. The controls of this game are very simple, you just need to tap the screen of your device to move your spaceship.

Pixel Starship is one of the finest space battle game apps for Android devices. With this game, players will enjoy the most amazing intense battles and actions. This game is specially designed for players who love to play space and action games. In Pixel Starship, players must build their own spaceship to explore the galaxy and collect the best warriors to form an army.

In the game, players have to defeat evils to save different races. Players must control their army and lead it to victory. And in multiplayer mode, players fight one by one. In this game, players will face many experienced players which will be challenging.

The game has many unique features including stunning graphics and high-quality animation effects. The game offers great intense action battles between many races of the galaxy. The warships in this game are customizable and the player can upgrade them with cool and destructive equipment. The characters of this game are designed with unique high-quality animation effects.

The game has a space theme and battle maps with very realistic HD graphics. The levels of this game are very difficult and players cannot win the battle without proper practice.

Pixel Starships Mod Apk Features 

Build a spaceship

If you want to win the war in the universe, build your spaceship with all the equipment to defeat your opponents. The spaceship you build will have a big impact on how the game progresses, so make sure you have the basic details of the ship.

When you're done building your spaceship, check every detail later by applying AI commands.

A true player

You can add any real value; Players around the world can play this game, make this added friend their opponent and fight with them.

Playing with your real opponent makes this game playable and very interesting. All you have to do is connect a random opponent to the link so that your friend can join you in this exciting game as soon as they tap the link.

AI command

Moreover, Pixel Starships Mod Apk is based on well-developed AI commands for the game. Just command your fleet, and they will surely respond because they have the best AI ever.


You will be asked to strategize in the early levels of the game so that you don't have problems in the later stages of the game. Since you are good at strategy development, it can also help you in the winning phase of the game.

Since the whole game is based on strategy, whoever comes up with the best strategy will surely win. Because strategy will ensure victory in the harsh environment of space.

Improvement and improvement

The main systems to upgrade and improve our weapons and defenses. When both systems are at a high level, the ship becomes more powerful and is the decisive point that determines the outcome of the battle.

However, to control a ship, you need to make sure it has a fuel source. This fuel is dropped in fuel areas and you can steal fuel from enemies by defeating them. Sometimes the battle causes your ship to get damaged in some places. Support function You can repair your ship.

General assessment

Overall, Pixel Starships is a game with interesting and varied gameplay. This variety is reflected in the way the player strategizes his ship and makes his way through each battle. Apart from this, the game also features 8-bit graphics,

which is a very light feature that ensures that players are not left behind in the experience. So download this game and start exploring the universe.

The vast space potential is seen in space

The game started in the sports world with the founding of publisher Savvy Soda and was picked up by players. The main reason is that it is the first appearance, but not because of the many holes in the game.

Despite being a prominent name, it is very good and complete. Participants should admire the view from their state-of-the-art spacecraft. In the glory of the universe is a huge and mysterious spacecraft. And the owner of this spaceship is a participant in the Pixel Starship.

Create and develop your uniqueness

Perhaps the best thing about this game is owning a spaceship. After entering Pixel Starships, participants will receive brief instructions on how to play. Some instructions will appear on the screen. Manipulatives and audio cues help participants get through the experience quickly.

Wouldn't it be great to have a spaceship with your imprint? This game offers participants. Players must know how to properly organize the space in the spaceship. It should be effective and very aesthetically pleasing.

Main Features 

  • Create an epic space in your own design.
  • Order many boxes, boxes, aliens, and groups and win.
  • Fighting with other real players in the extensive online universe of sparks.

  • Diplomatic, recruitment, search, search management!
  • Power supply and limited resources - exam. Search Epic Arms.
  • Create and submit an auxiliary unit to improve your spaceship.
  • Intervision control over planes and wars.
  • Make a good strategy with the mutant members.
  • Search planets, search the privacy of the universe.
  • Play and play with many other players in the world. Control your happiness and give evidence you're the best.
  • On the other hand, you can work with your friends to build a strong alliance. So you will rule the stars
  • Allow you to control different aspects of the game, including recruitment, search, diplomatic, and searches from different fields.
  • Your ship can only use limited resources. Your job is your work to protect your spaceship's value.
  • The help ship can be prepared to improve the overall quality of your spaceship.

Test games have big aspects. You will have to continue the adventure through different traits and learn more about the secret of the place.

One of the best features - the game can be fully played at the time of offline. This means you can create an AI for your crew although you want it in offline mode. You don't even need your own android device screen to play and fight. Your game works all the time, when you are comfortable and when you are resting.

If you think all these features are available in Pixel Starships Mod Apk, you are wrong. Like the mystery of the place, there are many other benefits and aspects that are discovered. But you have to find this privacy yourself. This is part of the adventure. So download Pixel StarsHips for Android.

Open the app completely

When you play this game, you will see that it is different from other space strategy games. The special thing is that it is very close to real life. Because of this, you will notice that many of the ships you see in the game look really realistic. You can't help but feel part of the universe while playing this game.

The premise of the game is very simple. Players are given command of a spaceship and must find some interesting places while collecting as many pixel pieces as possible. The game is designed to be difficult and players don't always know what to do in certain situations.

The amazing thing is that at the end of the game you have to collect a certain number of pixel points and the day is over.

What makes this game really fun to play is that it takes a long time to have fun. Most people who play this game only go to space and never get a chance to go into the game. To really enjoy the game, you need to focus on playing with someone else with the same theme.

This will help break the edge and save you from depression. It can be very challenging and fun at the same time.

War brings peace to my features

In addition to building a modern and beautiful spaceship, the participants must also ensure the safety of the spaceship. As is life in the universe on the surface. Black conspiracies have to be defeated to save lives. InPixel Starships Mod Apk App indicates the presence of aliens that destroy the player's ship. As a guru, you have to eliminate the bad guys and defeat them with your power.

Along with the discovery of weapons and systems, players will use them to fight the enemy. There are five races, and many teams to destroy spaceships. Since there are many dangers, participants must be careful and have a good strategy.

Expand your quest to help other spaceships protect your spaceship. While participating in the battle, it is necessary to ensure control of the speed of a spacecraft. Avoid the problem of losing control and the challenge will be to defeat the opponent. Also, the game has a team-play mode. Participants form alliances with friends and brothers to fight together.

Defeat enemies in battle

In Pixel Starships Mod App you can use different strategies to defeat your opponents. The main objective is to reduce the enemy hull's HP to zero. You can do this by killing the defender and choosing which targets you want to hit. Although this technique is very effective,

it requires a lot of patience. You need to make sure that you have a team of three people on board who can work together as a team.

One of the most important tips to beat your opponent in battle is to know the basics of the game. Your ship's furnace is its heart, so it's important to regularly repair and upgrade it. You can also control your crew and weapons yourself.

The power level of your ship may vary, so it's important to pay attention to how each system is used. A yellow "power bar" will appear on the battle screen. This bar shows how much energy you have in different parts of the ship.

A game for players who want to challenge their patience

Pixel Starships Mod Apk App is where you build a spaceship of your choice, then fly and explore every corner of the universe armed with the most advanced modern weaponry in the sky. As a master builder, you start collecting items, building, developing, capturing desired locations,

then upgrading and developing. This cycle continues until you are happy with your own results, which can be seen as a temporary end.

Some players find it a bit boring to play Pixel Starships for long periods of time. I think any game can get boring if you play it for a long time. It is important to find the right passion, motivation,

and interests for the sport you practice so that you never get bored. Pixel Starships can offer you these things Plus, almost everything in Pixel Starships has been rebuilt from scratch. So one must have the courage to win big to win it. Patience is your first quality to compete in sports.


Here is an introduction that contains some information about the game. I jumped to play after reading the editor's description. The plot of the game does not say much. It's just an excuse to get into the game. If you don't like it, you can skip it because there is no hidden information.

Then come to the game. You can name your spaceship. Use a catchy name to get inspired to make it big.

So do it! You can choose 3 different types of spaceships as wallpaper. Not more than three. But when you realize the long and wide road ahead, you also realize that using these 3 models and reaching the goal is not easy.

You have different carriers according to each type of spaceship. I have been told that this is not logical, so don't expect anything from your career. For example, you can own a spaceship belonging to a space pirate, a space union garbage collector, or an investigator. Of course, there are 3 types of ships, so only 3 companies. He is a bit poor. But let's ignore that because the focus of the game is not on movement.

To build a spaceship from available structures, you have to manage everything, including personnel, mechanics, and weapons. Specifically, you employ employees; special component upgrades; Upgrade machines, weapons, launchers, and defense systems... and remember that the most important element of any design process is gathering resources from the universe.

Build a spaceship

Pixel Starships Mod Apk is a spaceship management strategy game for mobile devices. It features 8-bit space warfare, story-based missions and room customization. With attention to detail and pixel art graphics, Pixel Starship is a lot of fun.

Here are some tips to make sure you're building the best spaceship possible. Make sure you have all the parts you need to complete each mission.