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Mar 20, 2023

Look your best with Pixl, our new face photo editing app. Face retouching and photo editor app to remove blemishes.

Do you want to look as beautiful and perfect in your profile photos as a model on the cover of a beauty magazine, but a small pimple or a small wrinkle bothers you? Dark circles, red eyes, pimples, and any other blemish or just bad lighting that spoils a shareable picture, all these details can be easily changed, corrected, corrected, removed, etc. We have the perfect solution for you.

Now you can retouch and adjust your photos with our face photo editor which offers you many tools to take a perfect selfie where your skin is totally clear, with no acne or pimples, no red eyes, and no wrinkles. And there is no slowdown.

You'll find it beautiful and easy to use, and it takes minutes to remove facial flaws for great photos. Our photo editor is a professional beauty lab for your face photos. Remove acne and wrinkles, contour eyes, whiten teeth in seconds, and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits and much more, all by yourself and from the comfort of your phone!

About Pixl Face Retouch Mod Apk

Pixel is a set of tools that help you enhance the appearance of a person in a photo. Do not rush to erase the frame in which you made a mistake, because now you have the opportunity to correct not only small mistakes but also big ones. In addition, the program transforms automatically: the user specifies the target object (lips, nose, hair, etc.) and adjusts the intensity of the transformation.

The program easily eliminates color registration and the ugly "red-eye" effect. With light pressure, it eliminates puffiness and dark circles and, if necessary, corrects the eye color to give expression to the eyes. Editor Whiten teeth with a relaxed visit to the dentist - make your smile healthy,

bright, and attractive. Shorten the nose and adjust the oval of the face, and fight against obvious and imagined flaws - photo editing has never been so easy. If you have a problem with your looks but still want to look beautiful and young in selfies, download Pixel-Face Tune & Blemish Remover Photo Editor APK app on your device and change your photos.

Pixl Face Retouch Mod Apk Features 

Different effects to work.

First of all, in Pixlr Android, users can enjoy multiple effects with its unique visual elements. Explore the amazing library of effects, overlays, filters, and many other tools available in Pixlr that will make your editing tasks easier. And at the same time fully realize your creative ideas.

Use collage to organize your group photos.

When working with multiple photos, you can easily create a composition using the ready-made collages offered by Pixlr. Have fun with elegant grid styles, aspect ratios, and customizable backgrounds, each offering your own unique photo creation for your enjoyment. Quickly set up your group photos with any design and edit them in as much detail as you want.

Work faster with auto-resolution photos.

And with the Auto Fix option available, users can now quickly work on any selected photo without having to think twice. Smart AI will provide its flexible solution to fix selected photos with all unwanted blemishes.


Enable multiple effects for a photo.

For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy Pixlr's amazing app that allows multiple effects on one photo. With the double exposure function, you can easily add different effects to your pictures. With multiple layers and adjustable transparency for each effect, the selected footage is even more fun.

Have fun creating and coloring your own pictures.

And to make the editing experience more interesting, you can also try your own stylistic expression with the provided drawing and painting tools. Enjoy working with unique pencil sketches, posters, watercolors, and more. All this allows you to get the most out of the application and edit your photos with complete freedom.

Enhance your portrait pics with amazing tools.

Here at Pixlr, Android users will appreciate the handy retouch tool that offers useful features to beautify any portrait image. Get rid of those pesky red eyes that make your photos look a little spooky. Remove facial blemishes and exposed skin so you can present your portraits with confidence.

Unlock amazing glow tools to whiten your teeth, brighten your skin, and make everything look more beautiful. Also, all the tools provided create very natural transitions. Here's how you can make the most of it.

Arrange photos quickly with overlays.

To spice up photos and allow for quick editing, Pixlr lets you work with adjustable tints, each offering its own design theme and tint of images. Just pick one, make a few tweaks to choose the right intensity, and enjoy full use whenever you need it.

Add text to any selected photo.

And for those of you who are interested, it's entirely possible to add and style text with Pixlr. Enjoy working with different fonts, each giving photos their own unique touch. And freely describe photos in Pixlr with your chosen photo phrases and compositions.

Try different borders and borders.

When creative editing is done in Pixlr, users have access to a range of borders and borders that can be easily applied to their photos or collages. Each of them offers its own unique design style and visual effects that will enhance your photos in many ways. Feel free to choose the most interesting and relevant to you to make the picture more stunning.

Benefit from an ever-growing edit library.

And now, with Pixlr's ever-growing library, users can enjoy a huge collection of effects, overlays, borders, and other editing packs. But more importantly, the app always includes the latest and trending effects and editing tools to ensure you're happy with the results.


Face Editor / Face Retoucher-

Retouch and adjust your face portrait in one click and apply cool photo filters and effects so that other viewers cannot see that the photo has been retouched.

Remove acne and blemishes-

Say goodbye to acne and blemishes! We bring you an advanced and magical anti-blemish tool that works on all skin tones and skin tones. Get rid of pimples in no time with our blemish remover. Apply a touch of blush to add shine and glamour. Unlike other apps, our blur remover doesn't just "blur" the target area. Instead, advanced imaging algorithms are used to match the source data to the scar region for precise, lifelike image enhancement.

Get a clean and smooth skin-

Improve the texture of your skin with our skin smoothing tool, leaving it smooth and clear without unwanted spots, acne, or blemishes. Repair, adjust, enhance, and even tan your skin to make it perfect and radiant in just a few steps! Your skin will naturally glow in all your selfies and photos!

Rash Remover-

Having a really bad acne day? The process of removing acne has never been easier. Treat yourself to acne and wrinkle-free skin with this acne removal tool. Removing pimples, wrinkles, dark circles, and dark spots is very easy. Just tap and watch the magic with the acne and pimple remover tool.