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v3.1.7 para Android
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mar. 31, 2023

SLS Camera Apk is similar to the Kinect SLS camera, which detects humanoid bodies in your environment. On devices equipped with Apple's LiDAR technology,

the SLS Camera uses a projected infrared light grid to detect depth and vision in the dark. SLS Camera is an entertainment program by Jarad Cutting. It has an average of 5 stars in the AppStore and has been rated by over 1,538 people in its lifetime.

The latest version of the app is version 2.3.0 and it was updated in android store about 5 months ago.

About SLS Camera Apk 

SLS Camera in turn detects humanoid bodies around you, just like the Kinect SLS camera used by true paranormal researchers.

SLS Camera uses your phone's camera to detect human statues and corpses. Don't pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a modified game console - the SLS Camera alternative is available as a free download and can be used as an alternative to a traditional SLS camera in all of your miraculous explorations.

Check out our sister Ghosttube app for more miraculous research and ghost hunting tools. SLS Camera automatic renewal subscription. For a complete list of auto-renewing subscription terms, please visit our website:

Tips for serious Researchers

Like any psychic tool you use (and any other Ghosttube application), the SLS Camera is capable of detecting false positives. SLS Camera searches for objects of any size,

so what they find isn't necessarily true. Things like clothes, pictures, people or pictures on TV, clothes, stuffed animals/dolls etc can trigger a false alarm. Tips for removing false alarms include:

Reconstruction - Try to mimic the difference by changing the angle of the camera and aiming in the same direction. Does this area/object enable SLS Camera? In this case, it may be a false-positive result.

Sometimes Ghosttube -SLS detects motion anomalies when the device is shaken. Consider focusing on comfortable shapes or using a tripod if possible.

Note - Is there anything in the house that can be activated? A doll, a reflection, a picture? Such items should not be displayed with Ghosttube SLS.

SLS Camera users are encouraged to combine indexes generated in the application with indexes captured on other devices, and where possible, back up the index with document history information prior to completion.

What is SLS Camera and how does it work?

The SLS Camera application can be used instead of a standard SLS camera or Kinect SLS camera. The SLS Camera projects an infrared light grid similar to a standard Kinect SLS camera and uses an infrared grid to detect depth and objects in a room using the latest LiDAR (Light Detection and Range) technology.