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Playground APK untuk Android Gratis Unduh

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Google LLC
v2.10.200512036 untuk Android
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Okt 16, 2021

Free Download Playground Apk Latest Version for Android. New ways in photography and photography. An amazing camera app.

Even today Google is fighting the race for the best smartphone. As such, they have continued to improve the specifications of their pixel devices. Playground App also includes a camera in his smartphone.

In its estimation, Google will take a different path than its competitors in the traditional sense. Instead of developing a load of megapixels for hardware and cameras, Google did something more unique. No, instead, Google relies on its advanced hardware.

It’s an amazing feat, but Google’s Pixel phone did it. To date, users have been amazed by the quality of the photos taken with this camera. Future features will be offered with Google Camera app like HDR + and Astrophotography. With these extra features, Pixel Mobile and more proudly stand out from their competitors.

What is Playground Apk?

There are also situations where a Pixel phone handset can produce higher quality photos than a Penta camera setup, which is just surprising. Because of the power of Google's camera work, many people have created custom ports of specifications. We call it - the Playground Apk.

In addition, many variations This Playground App offers many different functions and support for different Android smartphones. Foreign devices were also not released. Xiaomi phone and mobile device owners also have the ability to customize specific manual controls in their cameras.

Playground Apk Features

  • Automatic DND mode. It can be used for video recording. Can be done by Reset UI settings.
  • Maximum 24 FPS when recording.
  • Adjust the brightness and HDR of the customizable photo directly.
  • Night mode has an integrated astrophotography setting.
  • Top shot photos are perfect for selfies and facial recognition
  • Top shot photos are taken by pressing a shortcut in the shutter button.
  • What are you waiting for Download the version of this amazing camera now!

Playground Apk Mod Feature

Here are the main features of this application:

  • Different photographic parameters, all of which can be configured. These include ISO, exposure compensation, focus mode, program mode, white mode, and metering mode.
  • Effective DSLR-like viewfinder operation. This way you can see the hole, the hole indicator, and the exposure time. Surprisingly, you can use parentheses and EV settings in this app.
  • The bracket series is fully developed and can take up to 7 pictures. You need custom EV shifts and unlimited stopping distances.
  • Speed ​​priority and program mode
  • Built-in interval meter. This is for a timed and surprising time distribution range.
  • Long exposure support. With the help of this function, you can take the most beautiful pictures. You can take these pictures in bright light or even at night. Exposure time is up to 30 seconds, which is enough.
  • The camera works with volume buttons for convenience. So ISO, color temperature, and EV can be adjusted with volume buttons.
  • The multi-touch pinch can also be used for digital zoom. The focal length is 35 mm.
  • Ten composition grids, nine sections, and a live RGB histogram for the best electronic viewfinder.
  • The most reliable option for the organization. You can customize file names and save them in different places.

There are many other exciting features of the Playground Apk. It is important to note that scene modes are completely avoided with this camera. However, there are many other photographic parameters on which you have complete control.

Download this app now and take advantage of these amazing features.