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Cartoon Network
v1.1.10 per Android
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nov 25, 2021

Here is a game based on the hit series for boys called Jovenes Titanes Figurate. The series reached great heights of popularity among boys, for this reason,

the developer of this app thought about the success of the series already described above and for this reason to develop and continue a great game. In which you have to win a series of battles to find the secrets or get to the bottom of it, in this game you will see the same characters that appear every day in the television series.

You can also play in multiplayer mode and face the world's greatest heroes. This way you have to be very agile and fast and avoid attacks, you can even challenge your friends and fight with each other.

Can prepare and pass the moment. A lot of fun is possible only in this type of game because the graphics and style of the game are both very nice and flexible, it allows the player to play easily and this is not the case when it comes to starting the game.

This is because the app developers have always thought that those who download this cool game and start playing it will not find it difficult in any way and on the contrary, look for a fun and easy game.

About Jovenes Titanes Figurate 

Teen Titans: Go Figure! A game that perfectly combines action and adventure in an incredible universe with your favorite Cartoon Network characters. Fight exciting battles against DC heroes,

explore vast areas in search of all the stats of your favorite characters, improve your skills to strengthen your characters, complete all missions and participate in special tournament events, many Unlock new things you can do. Can collect. In short, Teen Titans: Go Figures! An excellent video game recommended for fans of Cartoon Network and superheroes in general.

Get ready to find the Teen Titans! In the amazing sequel to the hit game: Mini Titans - Teen Titans Go, win the battle to solve the mystery as someone tries to bankrupt the Mini-Titans in this amazing adventure filled with unique action and adventure stories. Gameplay with colorful 3D graphics, soundtrack with original songs from the series,

and gameplay and controls fully optimized for touchscreens. who are you waiting for Jovenes Titanes Figurate! It was created and updated by Cartoon Network Studios on March 14, 2021. Version 1.1.10 is currently compatible

with Android 5.1 and is suitable for children up to 10 years old with a score of 4.4. In google play and here you can download apk and data on your favorite android apk data absolutely free.

Jovenes Titanes Figurate Apk Features

Get ready for Teen Titans Go Pictures, a great sequel to the hit game The Minutes. Someone is trying to bankrupt the Mini Titan! Start winning the battle to investigate this mystery.

Collect, customize and take your favorite DC heroes with you!

Get ready for Teen Titans Go Picture, an amazing sequel to the hit game The Minutes. Someone is trying to bankrupt the Mini Titan! Start winning the battle to investigate this mystery.

challenge your friends

Multiplayer Beta is here! You have already faced the greatest hero of the world. Now you can challenge your friends and face them in mini-battles! Rank up to unlock Legion of Evil stats.

Over 90 figures to collect

Find figures of over 90 Mini Titans including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Radical Titans and more! Improve your stats to unlock more powerful skills.

Customize Your Team

All shapes can be painted differently! You can swap characters' skills so that your team is truly unique. And you can wear stuff like Bat Signal and Superman's underwear to your advantage in battle.

choose your titan

You can play the full story mode just like any titan. Choose from Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy. Each Titan offers exclusive dialogue with the show's original sounds.

Salto. let's go out of town

Explore Metropolis, Gotham and Jump City to find your favorite superhero characters. Complete special missions for DC Heroes and participate in tournaments at iconic locations such as the Hall of Justice and the Batcave.

Play game

Before entering battle, heroes and villains must be collected through the in-game card store. A single-player role in the game, as in the animated film, is to control three Teen Titans while they roam the city, organizing and stopping dirty things.

In exchange for the necklace, you will get gems and money. You will also need to collect all the coins scattered around the map to level up your characters. The game requires a large number of coins, so players will have to work hard to earn these coins or participate in big battles.

Teen Titans Go Figure! With characters from the comic series. You can choose a skill or switch between characters and the game will fight automatically so you don't have to manipulate anymore.

In combat, your character's choice has a big impact on this, as they all have different strengths and accurate stats. With just a few taps of your screen,

you can travel to some of DC's most famous cities, including Metropolis and Gotham, as you fight for the city's people and defend justice. In the game, the tofu blocks on the screen allow our hero to quickly gain more strength.

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