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10 01, 2022

A brand new lottery simulator specially designed for PUBG players. In this simulator, players can choose the latest and greatest skins, be it guns or fashion, they can be given for free, so you can have everything.

When you open the chest in the game, it is possible that you have to spend a lot of money, but here you don't need to spend any tools to open the chest. This is an unofficial fall simulation! PUBG Crate Simulator App allows you to create your entire collection of skins.

This is a brand new autumn simulation game with battlefield settings. It has a box filled with high-quality leather. Open a business and see your fortune. The simulator's inventory includes skins that you can sell when needed. You will also find boxes and boxes of computer games in this program. We created this simple tool to collect a maximum number of boxes in one convenient place.

The amazing thing about this simulator is that you can open up to 10 suitcases at once just like in the real game. If you like the game, please leave a review and we will update this simulator as soon as possible!

The playlist is divided into weapons, bubbles, and costumes. If you have a lot of skins, you can easily find some skins. And before I forget - this app is a simulator. It means you can't get anything in your original account.

About PUBG Crate Simulator Apk

PUBG Crate Simulator Apk Crate opening simulator for the super popular shooter in the "Battle Royale" genre. The project allows players to immerse themselves in a world of loot, skins, and features. And do all this without fear of losing something because they get distracted.

They will research and experiment, see what the character will look like, decide what weapons are good for them and what attributes are best suited to their chosen behavior strategy, and more. Well, due to updates, constant replenishment of weapons and store shelves will not make you forget the game for a long time. PUBG and other battle royale games are your favorite games? Nowadays you can download many online games for free.

Nowadays it is easy to find many games without paying. In fact, there are virtual items players can purchase that developers use to monetize these "free" games. Items such as character skin emotes and weapons are also available.

Apart from your weapons, pawns, vehicles, clothes, coins, and more, you can get many other cool things in the PUBG Crate Simulator App so that you can experience how it feels to do something in the game.

As in PUBG, chests can be opened in groups of ten. Buying a box doesn't require real money, so you don't have to worry about spending money. Actual game rewards cannot be used here.

Nowadays we can play many games with different devices and people. Most mobile games these days are free, meaning you don't have to pay anything. Developers make money these days by selling in-game items because that's how it is.

Nowadays many PUBG players are buying in-game items with real money. The App lets you enjoy some things from the game. Here is a simulation to get PUBG in-game items instantly! The things you will find here cannot be played in the actual game as it is a simulation program.

However, you will enjoy getting great rewards by opening chests while playing this game. If you are interested in cool stuff like guns, parachutes, skins, coins, etc. Then you can try this game.

PUBG Crate Simulator Apk Features 

Open Crate - There are many amazing games that you can play for free today if you want to enjoy a fun game today, you can download any game and you can enjoy many games today. Now we don't need to pay anything to play these games and we can enjoy high-quality gameplay and graphics anytime.

One of the most popular games today is PUBG and you can enjoy the battle royale game there. Here you can find many articles to enjoy today.

But most of the in-game items available in PUBG can only be purchased with real money. If you don't want to pay for something, you have to play multiple games and enjoy multiple rewards. You can start simulating PUBG Create today with PUBG Crate Simulator App.

Here you can now open as many boxes as you like. Here you can get skins, weapons, plain skins, backpacks, hats, and more.

Enjoy a lot - There's a lot you can get out of PUBG these days. You can buy it from the shop, get a battle pass or get it from chests. In PUBG Build Simulator, you can enjoy many in-game items that are currently available randomly. This includes weapons, tools, and more.

Nowadays you can find many skins for men and women and many designs are available. You can enjoy hats, glasses, masks, glasses, and more.

Open Unlimited Chests – We all know that opening chests in PUBG costs real money. But in the App you don't have to pay anything!

It's just a simulation program, so everything is available for free for players to experience things they wouldn't normally be able to do. Here, as in the game, you can open up to ten boxes at once. But there is no limit to how many boxes they can open!

Different types of chests – There are different types of chests available in this game. Each type of structure is unique in form and content.

The more expensive the box, the more likely you'll find some great stuff. You can open different crates like Supply Crate, Classic Crate, Soldier Crate, and Hero Crate.

Additional Features 

  •  X Suite Spin and Lab
  • A lucky turn of the weapon
  • Open the box or 10 boxes
  • Upgrade guns
  • Update pan
  • Upgrade the backpack
  • Upgrade the helmet
  • Assemble the leather collection of your dreams with this PUBG Crate Simulator App.

This is a brand new fall simulator with popular settings. It has high-quality leather cases. Open things and see your joy. Skins saved in the simulator catalog can be sold if needed. We wanted to put together the biggest collection of boxes in one great app.

The biggest feature of this simulator is that you can open 10 cases at a time just like in the real game.

If you like the game, don't forget to leave a review about this chest opener and we will update this simulator as often as possible! The inventory here includes a variety of weapons, bubbles, and clothing. If you have a lot, it will be easier for you to find some skin.

And I want to say the most important thing - this application is a simulator. This means that you cannot receive items in your original account.