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v15.8 voor Android
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jul 15, 2023

Package Disabler Pro Apk is an Android app that pretends to disable or remove pre-installed apps from your device without the root required. It is marketed as a tool to improve device performance and battery life by disabling unnecessary system apps.

However, be aware that using such applications may adversely affect your device. Disabling some system apps may cause stability issues and unexpected behavior or crashes. In some cases, disabling essential system apps can even render your device unusable.

Additionally, some manufacturers and carriers may have certain system apps that are required for their devices to function properly, for example, related to connectivity or network security. Disabling these apps can lead to serious problems.

In general, caution should be exercised when using apps that claim to change system settings or remove pre-installed apps. It's always best to research an app's potential risks before using an app on your device.

About Package Disabler Pro Apk

Package Disabler Pro Apk allows you to disable any app or service without rooting. The intuitive interface and advanced features give you full control and customization of your device. Disabling an app doesn't uninstall or update it, although Google Play automatically updates older apps when you launch a new version. You can disable or block Google Play Store and other apps without rooting your phone.

Samsung Free offers us a backup feature to import and export your disabled apps from your store. You can activate it at any time. You can also import and export the package installation data to the new ROM.

Supports rooted devices and any Android 5.0+ device that has Package Disabler Pro proprietary app functionality enabled For Samsung devices, the PDP plugin app is required. This app uses device administrator privileges. 5-day return means you can send us your Google bill within 5 days and get a refund within 24 hours if the app doesn't meet your expectations.

Thank you to all our backers who help us to develop this amazing application. Buying genuine software helps the entire ecosystem. This will encourage developers to create innovative new products. With over 500,000 downloads and 2 years of existence, it is a guarantee.

Package Disabler Pro App allows you to identify and disable all unwanted packages/apps that are already installed on your phone. We have a one-click option to disable all bloatware. Inactive apps/packages will not be updated via Google Play or any other means. So this app can be used to block apps (e.g. parental control) or in business use cases disable Google Play Store etc. Without rooting your phone. This app also provides password/delete protection to prevent misuse.

It provides export/import functionality to save all disabled packages to external storage that you can restore at any time.