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The Department of Health has advised those who received their Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App before February 7 to reapply because the QR codes of the old certificate can no longer be scanned, Gang News' Unang Balita reported on Tuesday.

Some features of the vaccine certificate have already been updated.

In a radio interview, Emanuel Ray Kentuck, acting secretary of the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), said he had added acceleration status and other security features.

In addition, Kentik says the update is being prepared for Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App approval in other countries, as DICT is already in talks with the European Union.

"Magkakarun Narin is a bilateral recognition of our vaccine certification in European countries (we will also accept our vaccination certification and bilateral recognition among European countries)," he said.

About Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App Apk

As the economy improves and sanctions relax, Covid-19's situation continues to affect people's lives. Fortunately, vaccinations have increased and the Philippines is adapting better to the new routine.

The Vaccine Certificate Verifier (VCV) application is a digital health certificate issued by the Malaysian government, as well as certificates issued by other countries whose format is valid. Users of the MySejahtera program can scan the optical QR code for these certificates or view the certificate differently.

To ensure the safety of the people, especially due to the rapid spread of the Omicron tribe, the local authorities must provide proof of immunization to the public when they visit certain commercial, tourist destinations, or other official purposes.

The Ministry of Health (DOH) has launched Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App, a website that allows fully vaccinated individuals to apply for a digital vaccine registration. What options do you have for this certificate? How do you get Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App for travel? Check out our guide for all the answers you need!

The Covid-19 Vaccine Program Act 2021, also known as Republican Act 11525, states that anyone vaccinated by the Department of Health must be certified and tested.

Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App is working with the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) and the Department of Health (DOH) to create a Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App digital validator that complies with World Health Organization regulations.

Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App allows you to view your status as a person who is completely immune to COVID-19. Individuals traveling outside the United States must ensure that they have an Immunization Certificate, International Immunization Certificate (ICV) for international and domestic travel.

Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App is an official digital immunization certificate for vaccinated foreigners in the Philippines and the Philippines that can be used for international and domestic travel. It complies with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for digital documentation of COVID-19 Certification (DDCC).

It is a self-service portal that uses vaccine data submitted by LGU via DICT’s VORS. It has the ability to apply for and create a "COVID-19 Digital Immunization Certificate"; Generates a QR (Quick Response) Code that certifies the certificate and has an on-demand feature that allows customers to request a record update if they have incorrect vaccine records or are missing information.

There are two ways to get your Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App after vaccination: through the website or by visiting your LGU for confirmation. An individual can create a Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App using a smartphone or computer, as long as the information on the website is accurate based on your immunization record.

In August this year, DILG issued a Memorandum No. 2021-095 to the local Chief Employees (LCEs) for active participation and support in the training program organized by DICT related to VAXSERTPH.

According to Republican Law No. 11525, also known as COVID-19 Immunization Program Act 2021, COVID-19 vaccination cards must be issued to all DOH vaccinators. DICT, DOH, and DILG were tasked with creating a digital process that would certify that a person had been vaccinated in the country.

Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App Registration and Certificate Download

Currently, vaccination certificates are only available to people who have been fully vaccinated. The program is now available for home use and is now published for both OFW and local travelers. It is no longer limited to foreign migrant workers.

  1. Register on the online portal 48 hours after receiving your last dose. Please note that the validity of the certificate begins 14 days after the registration is completed.
  2. By accessing the Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App portal, you have the option of applying for an immunization card or checking an existing immunization card. Choose the first option.
  3. Enter your personal details such as your full name and date of birth etc. Please ensure that the information you provide is accurate and consistent with your vaccination card.
  4. You will be asked about your vaccination date and whether you are planning a trip abroad. Give the correct answer.
  5. If the system cannot find your vaccine details, you can upload your vaccination card, valid credentials, and your email address and contact details.

After the system captures your information, you can obtain a copy of your VacCertPH by downloading, printing, or taking a screenshot of the displayed QR code.

How do I get Vaxcert.Doh.Gov.PH App?

You can apply through the online portal or contact your local government. VaxCerts can act as a passport, so your passport should be with you when you travel.

Haven't applied for a passport yet? Read our guide to Philippine Passport Requirements and Applications!

Follow these steps to register your VaxCertPH site:

  •  Go to
  •  Once you agree to the Privacy Policy, you will be asked if you have been vaccinated for more than 48 hours.
  •  Check “Yes” and fill in your personal details if necessary.
  •  Then enter your vaccine details, which you will find on your COVID-19 vaccine card. This includes the city or town where you were vaccinated and the dates of your first and second vaccinations.
  • After checking and comparing your immunization records with the official report, you will be asked to upload a copy of your valid ID and immunization card and your contact details.
  • The validity of the certificate will be confirmed 14 days before your registration. Then you can get the QR code of your VaxCertPH.

How do I control my VaxCert?

  • You need a smartphone, tablet, or another device with a camera to complete your VaxCertPH. This way you can test your VaxCert!
  • Open your cell phone and go to
  •  Once inside, you will be asked if you would like to apply for a vaccine certificate or check that it exists. Select the last option.
  • Access your phone's camera and click the Scan button
  •  After you have successfully scanned the QR code of your vaccine certificate, the application will show you the details along with your QR code.
  • Congratulations! Your confirmation request is approved.