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4,3 (5)
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Uppon Hill
v1.1.3 dla Android
wrz 29, 2022

Arrowbound Mod Apk is an Adventure arcade platformer with pixel graphics. In it, the hero must go on a long journey in search of kidnapped giant eagle jungle friends. On the way, he will visit many places, each hero must climb the platform with a bow and arrow. In order not to fall, the character must aim carefully and not fall into the trap. At the same time, he will fight the enemy to free the birds and other animals.

If you are an action game lover who needs to move flexibly, you cannot ignore Arrowbound. The plot of the game is about a man who has a talent for archery. One day, his friends are kidnapped by miscreants. They brought the archer friends to the top of the hill. For the role of this person,

the player needs his luck and a bow and arrow. The road is long and there are many challenges to overcome. In the forest, you will constantly encounter dangerous creatures and traps. Show your archery skills and defeat the creatures you want to attack.

When you reach the goal, you will be happy that you have rescued your friends safely.

About Arrowbound Mod Apk

Arrowbound Mod Apk is an exciting 3D pixel game for mobile users. This is one of the latest games to play on your mobile. You can install this game on any Android device. The special thing is that it is available on the Google Play Store. This game is originally provided by Up Hill and has many interesting features.

Do you want to have a unique adventure on your mobile phone? Then you should download the App without any hesitation. Make sure you always want to play this game. The interesting thing is that Arrowbound Mod can be played anywhere, anytime.

Download this game now on your Android device. Another amazing aspect of this game is that it is played by thousands of people all over the world. More than half of these players have good things to say about the game. The number of positive reviews and comments about the game is constantly increasing. This is an indication that this is a great game to play on your mobile phone.

In this game, you will be immersed in the world of graphic pixels. You also have wild friends in this game. However, they brought with them some giant eagles. Your mission is to get all your wild friends from this eagle.

It is one of the most competitive games that you can play on your mobile. You can surrender during the game, but you can't because the game is interesting.

What is Arrowbound Mod Apk?

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Arrowbound Mod Apk Features 

Become an expert archer

Despite being talented archers, our character still needs to participate in battles to gain experience. You are his companion in this journey. First, the challenge is easy for you to get used to the surgery.

But then it gets harder, faster. Winning stages also earn players rewards and unlock new weapons. Still a type of bow, but more advanced, doing more damage or storing more arrows. Master all the tricks so that no one can stop you.

The terrain is constantly changing

You will be amazed by the credentials provided by Aerobound as you climb to the top of the hill, the terrain will gradually descend. As you go through each level, you will encounter new creatures and new traps that you could never have imagined.

But this is also the charm of the game, it is not boring. Some represent animal species that have migrated from tropical forests to dry alpine regions. You will be proud to be there with your friends.

Unique graphics and sound

Arrowbound graphics are another characteristic of the classic pixel graphics style, but very sharp images, and smooth movements. Light and dark colors are combined to bring each image to life. Each player has some sort of ghostly voice associated with their movements,

along with dim background music. The background music has an upbeat beat that makes you feel completely relaxed. Arrowbound also has an offline mode, players can join anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing their lives.

Nice screen

Like traditional adventure games, It has a unique art style and with its high-quality graphics, maps, and characters, ArrowBound appeals to many adventure fans, and Arrowbound Mod has an updated virtual engine compared to traditional adventure games.

is with more advanced technology, the game screen experience will be greatly improved. It maximizes the user's sensory experience while maintaining the original adventure style.

Unique mode

Traditional adventure games require users to spend a lot of time collecting their resources/skills/skills in the game, which is both the work and fun of the game, but at the same time, the collection process inevitably involves people.

makes you tired The appearance of fashion rewrote this situation. Here you don't have to spend most of your energy on annoying "growing" repetitions. Mods can help you skip this process easily.

Excellent Features

  • Gain altitude so you can return to your wild friends
  • A relaxing atmospheric soundtrack to enjoy
  • Enjoy familiar catapult controls and climb challenging towers. How well do you think your pixel accuracy will be? You can find out by downloading the game.
  • Many fantasy and horror characters you will meet on your journey. Foe or friend?
  • Enjoy the game's pixel art and vibrant graphics. These include ancient desert temples, frozen desserts, and autumnal landscapes.

Additional Features 

  • Control an increasingly challenging series of towers and pixel-perfect jumps with the iconic launcher!
  • Complete your climb on the way back with a faster time and fewer falls!
  • Enjoy peaceful, atmospheric music as you climb higher.

  • Enjoy lovingly animated pixel art scenes from autumn scenes to ancient desert temples and frozen wastelands.
  • Meet a cast of wonderful fictional characters on your journey. Friend or Foe?

The game was lovingly designed and developed by Adam Younes as Studio Upon Heel on Twitch. Join the community using one of the social links below:


Arrowbound game was released recently, with many players playing it continuously for months after the release date. While the story is exciting and entertaining, the gameplay is addictive. The reason why many people like this game is the gameplay. Uphill Studios is both the publisher and developer of this game.

If you like pixels like Minecraft etc then you will love this game. It is the second most played pixel-themed game. So the story of this game starts when you and your friends go to the forest to enjoy the beauty of nature.

But suddenly eagles appeared from the sky and took away their friends. Only you can save them so go on a journey to save your friends from these eagles. However, this game is not that simple. You have to save your friends before these girls become dinner.

Once you start your journey, there are many obstacles to completing the level. This is a level-based game; So in each level, you have to reach the eagle's nest. But in this journey, you will face many obstacles that you have to overcome.

To do this, you must have a weapon and in this game, your weapon is an arrow. With the help of arrows, you can effectively overcome obstacles. The player can be controlled with your screen or control buttons. You can select any control from the settings and set it as the default control.

The Story

It's time for you to dive into the mysterious world full of deadly creatures. It all starts when a giant eagle pounces on your wild friends. Your duty in this game is to protect your friends from the care of the eagle.

The game has intense game content. Players must go to different places on the map in search of their lost friends. You have to fight and eliminate your enemies. Also, you can use different weapons and equipment to complete your mission.

Also, the game is available in different game modes. You can choose from 4 different characters to complete the difficulty levels. You will also get unique rewards and bonuses for completing each challenge and task.

Another attractive feature of Arrowbound is its high-quality graphics. The game has well-designed animated characters and a game environment. Apart from this, the background music and sound effects are also pleasant.


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Pobierz Arrowbound Mod APK znajduje się w kategorii Adventure i został opracowany przez Uppon Hill's. Średnia ocena na naszej stronie to 4,3 z 5 gwiazdek.Jednak ta aplikacja ma ocenę 4 spośród 5 gwiazdek według różnych platform oceny. Możesz również odpowiedzieć Arrowbound Mod APK na naszej stronie, aby nasi użytkownicy możesz uzyskać lepszy pomysł na aplikację. Jeśli chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej o Arrowbound Mod APK, możesz odwiedzić oficjalną stronę programisty, aby uzyskać więcej informacji. Średnia ocena jest oceniana przez użytkowników 18504. Aplikacja została oceniona 1-gwiazdkowo przez użytkowników 29 i 5-gwiazdkową przez użytkowników 1083. Aplikacja została pobrana co najmniej razy, ale liczba pobrań może osiągnąć . Pobierz Arrowbound Mod APK Jeśli potrzebujesz bezpłatnej aplikacji na urządzenie Action, ale potrzebujesz wersji 5.5+ lub nowszej, aby zainstalować tę aplikację.

Co nowego

  • Bug Resolved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed Boosted
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