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4,2 (5)
Aplikacje, Simulation
App By:
Crazy Rocks
v1.0 dla Android
mar 30, 2023

Contraband Police Prologue Apk is about the border troops and the problems they face when the situation escalates at the border. You play the role of a hero and are deployed as a police officer in the border patrol of a communist town. You live in 1981, where communication systems are not well developed and your team lacks the modern technology to deal with potential threats.

Download the game and experience the challenges the game throws at you and your team. The attackers are armed with powerful and destructive weapons. Your comrades died in the war and now you are alone on the border. Show your tactical skills and battle tactics to stop the invaders from entering the city. You are living in 1981 and the situation at the border is getting worse every day.

The city police need a brave and reliable person on the front lines, so they assign you a difficult task. Now it's time to lead the frontier team and overcome the crisis with teamwork and strategy. This game is not one of those random spam games you find on the internet, but a professional game developed by experts. Once you have downloaded this game on your device it will be amazing to look at and we can bet that the graphics of this game are so attractive that they will catch your attention as soon as you open the game, yourself first. It will not be known.

Get the Contraband Police Prologue App amazing game on your device and become the last defender of the communist city of Karikatak. The people of this beautiful city fear possible attacks on the city by terrorists and rely on your skills to save them from losing their lives. The entrance to this city is guarded by a trained squad, but the situation gets tense when one of your comrades is killed by militants. Now you have to stop the criminals from entering the city first and then you have to fight the criminals and take revenge on your partner who died on the battlefield.

About Contraband Police Prologue Apk

Contraband Police Prologue Apk is an Adventure and Simulation game developed by Crazy Rocks for the PC platform. The game environment is related to the genre of the story and the features can be identified as follows: Action, Simulator, Car Simulator, Exploration, Shooter, Hidden Object, First Person Shooter, Immersive Simulation, Investigation, 3D, Colorful, First Person, Realism, 80, Espionage. , Economy, Transportation, Driving, Physics, Cell List. You have access to game modes like "for one player".

Forbidden Police: Prologue is distributed worldwide by Playway SA as a freeware model. Currently, the scene of the game has started and the release date is 11/30/2020. On the official website, you will find the opportunity to download the App for free via torrent.

The game will be distributed on the Steam store, which users have not yet commented on.

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What is Contraband Police Prologue Apk?

Play the role of a border police officer in this police simulator game. Everyone is trying to enter the country but you have to be very careful and see what people bring by strict border protection measures in army games.

Contraband Police Prologue Apk is to ensure the security of the country's border and prevent people from bringing in illegal goods. The work in the border guard police story is really difficult as you face constant threats. At military games, the border police check people, cars, and travel documents. As police officers patrolling the border, it is our duty to prevent people from bringing illegal goods into the police station.

Live the life of a real border policeman, search cars for things like drugs, money, and illegal items in border police games. Search for cars entering the country and check documents for access to Border Patrol Police history.

In Border Police Story you take on the role of a military patrol officer and control the transport of weapons and drugs across national borders. Stop trucks, search for drugs, check travel documents, and when in doubt, stop cars from entering the country in border police games. Stop criminals and smugglers from crossing the border in army games.

Contraband Police Prologue App is a unique blend of police simulation, police car games, military games, and army games. Being a border police officer in army games you have to patrol and track suspicious activities. Border forces prevent people from trying to cross borders in army games.

Contraband Police Prologue Apk Features 

Contraband Police Prologue Apk is a life simulation game in which the player plays the role of a police chief who leads a smuggling and crime team. Your mission is to destroy smugglers, confiscate illegal goods and protect national security. To complete this mission you must control traffic, and locate and inspect cargo vehicles.

Nice graphics:

It has beautiful detailed 3D graphics. The visuals in the game are very realistic, from vehicles to houses, trees, and characters. This is a great advantage of the game that helps players to have a more vivid experience after participating in capturing forbidden items.

Different gameplay:

It offers various activities for players. You have to go to several locations to control vehicles and bags. In addition, you can participate in various missions to earn money and buy more equipment that you need to improve your illegal goods detection ability. However, tracking down and apprehending smugglers is not easy, you have to go through steps like baggage inspection, document verification, hidden object identification, and case management. legal origin

Various functions:

Contraband Police Prologue App has many interesting features like buying equipment, upgrading vehicles, participating in different missions to earn money, and many more to experience new activities. You can upgrade your vehicle, buy weapons and protective gear, or participate in different game modes to face off against other opponents.

Big challenge:

It is a very difficult game that requires good concentration and observation from the players to find the smugglers. You must use your knowledge and skills to deal with complex situations and deal with violations of the law.

Arrest the criminals:

If you find criminals with false papers or try to flee the country, you can lock them in their cells. The transport will come later to pick them up, for which you will be rewarded. However, you must make sure you don't arrest innocent people, which will cost you dearly.

Advanced hardware:

Police traffic in the world of Pakistan was simulated to reflect real life. There are unique field missions to take part in, as well as tons of content to see and use. Sometimes the gameplay is a mess with blurry graphics.

Additional Features:

  • Play as a border police officer
  • Look for prohibited items
  • Police history driver's license check traffic checklist
  • Smooth and easy-to-play police game controls

Interesting stories and useful prizes:

As an interdiction police inspector, you are the first line of defense against gangs trying to infiltrate your base with illegal drugs, guns, and cash. However, you are not entirely alone as you have the support of your peers and elders. If things get out of hand, you can always request assistance. There are times when an elderly person will specifically warn you about a suspicious vehicle.

You have to keep in mind that most of these smugglers are not profitable. They know you love them and will act defensively right away, so you must always be on the lookout and alert. Some gangs won't even bother stopping at your checkpoint, and this is where the fun begins. When that happens you have to hunt them down, call for backup and shoot them.

Caught gang members will be imprisoned and you will receive recognition from your superiors. The more you block, the more rewards you earn. With these bonus points, you can upgrade your observation station and equipment.

When your stations and gear are properly upgraded, it will be harder for smugglers to get past you. However, as time goes on, traffickers are also becoming more sophisticated when it comes to creating fake documents and hiding their drugs, so we must never be complacent.

Slow graphics and animations:

Contraband Police Prologue Apk has the right mix of thrills, chills, and suspense. In fact, many players have described it as a better version of Paper's, Please. Critics commented that they liked Contraband Police Prologue App better because it had a deeper story and more character dialogue. So if you have already played Paper please, you can enjoy it more.

It has a free demo version that you can try before you buy the full game. While Forbidden Police shines in many ways, graphics are not one of them. It received many complaints about blurry animations. Some movements are undefined, which is a shame in the chase.

Overall, the graphics can still be improved to make the game more interesting. However, the advantage is that you can travel and not have to wait at your station.

It's about the careful control of vehicles.

Check driver documents and the technical condition of their vehicles. Find hidden restrictions and ultimately grant or deny entry into the country. Contraband Police Prologue Apk has many useful hidden secrets and more to crack all stages and missions of the game so you can use it to your advantage. You are a border policeman in a communist country. Every other driver is a smuggler and the vehicles are full of hidden goods. Documents, vehicles, everything is carefully checked