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Pocket Ants Mod Apk is an online game based on an ant colony. You can play this game as a single player or challenge other players in the game. The interface and controls are very simple and easy to use. You will be satisfied with the gameplay.

this is developed by Ariel Games. They designed it to depict the true struggle, unity, and lifestyle of ants. Regular updates don't let you lose interest.

It is a modified version of the original game. Both versions have the same gameplay. It offers all the features of the standard APK version with similar graphics and a user-friendly interface. You can download mod apk version completely free from our website.

Mod apk version has some changes like No ads environment, free premium tools, unlimited purple gems, unlimited leaves, different pheromones, etc. These options make it more reliable and attractive than the original version.

About Pocket Ants Mod Apk

Pocket Ants Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Pocket Ants game available on the Play Store and other popular app stores. Developed and published by

It Game is a series of strategy games. Simulation games are spread all over the world and everyone enjoys playing them. If you want to learn more about nature and its effects, Pocket Ant Simulator will satisfy your desire. Don't forget to download the App offline and get all features without paying.

This game is fun and responsible. You will appreciate the pictures and ideas provided. It takes a lot of effort, but don't worry; It is not difficult; Simple Pocket Ants is like a simulator with proper strategy elements. Colony Simulator or Alien Simulator will help you control your ant line.

Now you have a chance to look inside the anthill and help each insect with its specific tasks. It provides unlimited resources like bees, other dead insects, grains, leaves, seeds, pollen, etc. the App simulates the fair life of an ant colony.

Pocket Ants Mod App gives the player a unique quest system to progress in this game. You have to participate in various quests to get special resources. As you progress through the game, you will encounter many challenging yet interesting game levels.

You have to make a good nest for the ants but beware of the dangers above the nest. This game covers every aspect of an ant's life. However, you need to collect resources and earn gems for purchases. However, you should download this game and enjoy it.

This is a very simple and easy game; People of all ages can play it. Also, you can earn a lot by playing this game.

It will be an opportunity for Android players to play as the first worker ant in the colony to start in the pocket. There are many important tasks to complete - have fun with addictive gameplay or simulation as you try to build your ant colony. In this mod,

mods have free access to premium features and tools unlocked ants and characters, creative skills and locations, tools and methods, and more, all ads are blocked and removed. Moreover, you can enjoy the fully interactive gameplay and explore the ants and their behavior freely.

This exciting game gives you a complete simulation experience to explore.

Pocket Ants Mod Apk Features 

Ant became the commander of the army

The protagonist of Pocket Ant: Colony Simulator is an ant that coordinates everything and everyone. From feeding the queen to undertaking defense and combat missions, the player must take care of all important aspects of the colony's survival.

At the same time, it is necessary to develop instructions: for the collection of resources, reproduction, and conservation. Your goal is the most practical allocation of personnel, resources, and ammunition. The transition between day and night adds realism to the weather available in the game.

Great multiplayer battles

When you finish gathering your army, go on the attack. Start actively attacking big bugs to get the required resources. You have to actively attack to get the desired reward. A great and powerful army is needed to defeat a great warrior.

You have to update it from the first minute to keep pace with potential competitors. Once you create a slave room, Pocket Ant gameplay becomes more fun and interesting. After a successful battle, learn to trick enemies into working for you. This significantly speeds up the process of passing.

Many different resources to manage

First, in Pocket Ants, Android players have access to many and resources that they need to collect from their colonies. This includes food that can be fed to the queen and other ants. Materials needed for future colony expansion.

Along with other resources that can be used to enable many upgrades to your ant colony. So collect them regularly in the nest. And always remember to increase the storage capacity to have enough resources for the ants.

Various constructions and expansions in the colony

Additionally, it is important to build and spread multiple colonies to ensure that your colony grows. This will help the ants create space for their colony to grow and reproduce. Upgrade storage capacity so you can store new assets.

Buy new queens to increase the expansion of the ant colony. Unlock new ants and new homes for trapped animals. Make sure it's updated so you can enjoy working with an epic ant colony.

Feed the queen and become more workers

Here at Pocket Ants Mod App, Android users can take on the task of feeding the queen ants so that they continuously produce new workers and vendors. Make sure you have enough ants to protect your nest and collect more resources for the colony. Never forget the task and always remind your ant to collect food continuously.

Enjoy epic battles with other animals

Additionally, for those of you interested, several in-game creatures will appear and threaten your worker ants. Please bring your army and take them out to dinner. Alternatively, you can capture these creatures and join your ant army. Give your soldiers ants a strong and strong front so that they can do their job effectively by taking out the enemies and destroying their colonies.

Upgrade to make your army stronger

There are many improvements you can make to strengthen ants and captive animals. Please unlock these powers and make sure your army is always at its best before entering the battlefield.

Have fun raiding other people's settlements

And to make the game more interesting, Android users can now enjoy their epic campaigns against friends and other online players in Pocket Ant. Feel free to explore your colony and try your quick attack. Collect resources and bonuses to get many attractive rewards.

Protect your colony from attacks

At the same time, make sure your colony is well protected, as others will try to do the same to your nest. Therefore, it is important to allow multiple soldiers and creatures to protect your resources to prevent the enemy from capturing the light.


Complete Research - Ants perform many functions in real life. Just so you don't get confused, the game allows you to complete quests every day. There are things you can do now so that you can easily get the benefits including crafting different items, feeding the queen, and gathering more resources. You can view all missions in the Missions tab on the Today screen.

After completing the quests, you can easily claim your rewards Complete more missions every day to get more rewards.

Build your army - One of the most important things to take care of is the ants in your army. You must build your own army of war ants to defend your colony and protect your resources. You have to breed more and more soldier ants so that you can defeat other creatures as well.

Build Your Workers - Worker ants are responsible for gathering food and other resources outside of your nest. You should grow it as much as possible so that you have enough food for several days. Then you can update them!

Improve your house - You need several rooms to build your house. Then you can upgrade them one by one to improve their skills and unlock different types of ants.

Unlimited resources Usually, you have to collect food and other resources for the queen. It will take a lot of time and effort. In the mod version, you get all these resources for free and unlimited. You don't have to worry about the food because it's made to order.

Unlimited gems Along with other unlimited resources, you can also get unlimited gems which are very useful. You can use these gems to buy food and other items for your ants. Basically, this game is ready to meet all your hacking needs.

Free shopping is a common feature of most modded games. With this feature, you can go to the store without money and buy whatever you want. So you get all the useful things for free ant.

Main Features 

  • Collect resources and return them to your structure
  • Upgrade your nest room for extra bonuses
  • Feed your queen ants and reproductive worker ants and soldiers.
  • Defeat and capture other creatures and join your army.
  • Collect all the animals and make them stronger
  • Loot other players' settlements for resources and bonuses.
  • Protect resources from enemy ants.
  • Defeat the red ant colony every day to get extra items.
  • Recruit other players to join your clan.

Build your own ant colony

Pocket Ants Mod Apk is one of the few animals in the world today. Their numbers are on the rise for the second time and are unlikely to become endangered in the coming years. But besides that,

they are interesting creatures that can do a lot more than you think! Making an ant hill is not an easy task and you can learn it yourself with the App. Here you can experience everything from creating an ant colony to managing your own ant colony.

In this simulation, you have to collect various resources for your homes such as food, animals, and more. Next, you need to improve your structure by creating different rooms dedicated to different things.

You should also feed the queen so that she can raise as many workers and soldier ants as possible. So that you can be independent and protect yourself from the many enemies of the ant. You can then defeat and capture other creatures to add to your army.

Defeat more red ants and other enemies to get extra items today!

Build your ant army

You need a strong army and a good fight to defeat the Pocket Ants Mod App. In addition to creatures outside the nest, your ant army will encounter ant nests controlled by other players. First press the button in the lower-left corner of the screen to become the leader,

other ants will follow you wherever you go. To start a very simple battle, close contact with enemy ants will cause both sides to fight each other. However, your army size will be limited to a certain number. So I don't think you should face a large ant colony because it just needs more soldiers.

A little tip is to remove a small number of ants from the group to make them easier to destroy. Ants are small, but not as soft as you might think. You can use your army to fight, capture animals and add them to your army. You can also loot other players' bases for resources and bonus items.

Collect resources and return them to your structure

In the game Pocket Ants Mod App you play the role of an ant colony. Your goal is to collect resources and return them to your structure. The game takes place in a real ant colony and you have to manage your workers to succeed. You have to collect food, water, and other resources to keep your colony alive.

You need to build new rooms and structures to expand your colony. The game is difficult but very rewarding. If you are looking for a unique and fun ant simulator.

Upgrade your den rooms for extra bonuses

Pocket Ants Mod Apk is a popular mobile game that challenges players to build and maintain an ant colony. One of the main features of the game is the nesting chamber, which serves as a home for the player's ants.

Den rooms can be updated with different materials, each with different benefits. For example, upgrading to a sand chamber will make it easier for your ants to escape predators, while a mud chamber will increase your colony's overall population.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which material is right for your colony. However, by taking the time to understand the benefits of each room type, you can ensure that your colony is well equipped for growth.

Feed your queen ants and baby worker and soldier ants

The goal of Pocket Ants Mod Apk App game is to feed your queen ants alive and healthy to expand the colony while raising worker and soldier ants. One way to ensure that your queen ant stays healthy is to feed her regularly.

You can do this by tapping the "Feed" button next to it. After feeding, it lays eggs that hatch into a worker or soldier. Workers are responsible for gathering food, while soldiers protect the colony from predators.

By feeding your ant queen well and expanding your colony with both workers and soldiers, you'll be on your way to winning the game!


Seeds are used to upgrade cells or complete other missions. Regularly send teams of workers to collect seeds outside the nest and store them in the seed store.

The App have a specialized aphid from which they collect nectar. After building the nest, Agni leads an army to capture the fire ant colony. A trick that can help you win quickly is to defeat the red queen ant first. Without a leader, the red ant army will lose direction and lose quickly. They will then guard the fleet of aphids and return them to a safe nest and then turn them into honey.

Collect food - the most important food to help the queen survive to give birth to soldiers and civilians. You can use the leaves to craft food and upgrade many other items. Don't forget to build and upgrade slave rooms, as this is a place to store resources.

Honeydew is considered a form of currency in the App. You can use it to exchange items in the shop. There are many items to choose from. For example, shortening the reproductive period, increasing the speed of work for worker ants, and increasing the chances of successful mating of organisms, ...