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Solar Voltaik Apk, Photovoltaic Sun Energy Investment Platform is an investment platform that promotes the development of photovoltaic solar energy. It connects all solar photovoltaic investors through the platform, strengthens the foundation of solar photovoltaic development, and provides investors with real-time investment returns.

If you are planning to invest in a photovoltaic solar system for your home or for other commercial and non-commercial uses, you have the right tools to advise you on the functionality of your desired Solar Voltaik Apk. 

You get the best performance results for your desired location and configuration. This application helps you decide to install a PV system.

With My Solar Panel, you get great flexibility in the design of your own photovoltaic panels, solar inverters, and all your other PV devices. You can customize it to your liking and customize your PV system anywhere on the map.

About Solar Voltaik Apk

3D models of the planets of our Solar Voltaik, space satellites, dwarf planets, asteroids, spaceships, comets, and stars - the Planetarium 3D application menu provides complete information about all space objects in real time. 

Explore the general structure of each celestial object, including the names of planets and stars, as well as interesting astronomical information and photo galleries, as well as general information, including informative solar films.

With the 3D model of our solar system, you can recognize the Milky Way galaxy and enjoy the beautiful view, just traverse the beautiful galaxy and explore the entire space environment with our 3D model of the solar system. Now is the best time to start exploring the universe!

Enjoy a high-resolution image of the surface of the Solar Voltaik Apk as you look at it: Zoom in and out, see places you've never seen before. Explore the planets of the solar system in detail. Solar Promenade is a great planetary observer for people of all ages interested in astronomy.

Are you interested in a specific planet, moon, satellite, dwarf planet, comet, or star? With a simple swipe of the screen, you take a virtual tour through our solar system. Become an explorer of the Transformed Universe and discover all the secrets of the universe.

The time machine allows you to choose any date and time to visit all the planets and solar systems in the universe at your chosen time. Explore the planets in real time or go back in time. Take a look at the solar system you've never seen before.

Solar Voltaik Apk Features 

Additional features of the Pro version

  •  Solar PV simulator model with real-time power generation data. Your phone mimics your photovoltaic panel. Face the sun, turn your phone on as you wish, and test its effectiveness.
  •  Shading model to calculate self-pouring loss between strings.
  •  A tool for calculating the number of panels needed for your system using unique panel features.
  • 'No connection.

All-in-one application

My Solar Voltaik is your helper and offers you different large palettes for any location on the map. It offers:

  •  My menstrual radiation
  •  The best angle of inclination
  •  The best monthly and daily inclination angle
  •  Best route
  •  Annual electricity generation
  •  Monthly electricity generation
  •  The total area of ​​all panels
  •  Number of panels required for your preferred system - Two options are available
  •  An entire ground area for your preferred system
  •  The reward of the year for the desired system
  •  The power factor of your system
  •  Energy loss for 25 years
  •  Avoid CO2 emissions
  •  Flat power consumption
  •  Energy efficiency
  •  Custom modules with comparison options
  • shadow module to calculate the loss of self-extinguishing of the solar system.
  • Real-time solar PV simulator for power generation ... and much more.

Design your own Solar Voltaik Apk

For greater usability and convenience, the model requires several input parameters, which are divided into two sections based on background: basic data and advanced data.

  •  The power installed on your PV system
  •  The tilt angle of the panel
  •  Adapted panel
  •  The average electricity price of your bill or the average selling price of electricity (market, PPA, etc.).
  •  Function of the photovoltaic module (photovoltaic module).
  •  The efficiency of the inverter of a solar electronic signal
  •  Solar system costs per kWh installed in USD, including the cost of solar panels, the cost of solar inverters, and all other solar installation costs.