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If you are a fan of Pokemon with hundreds of treasures, wait for the Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại Apk game. This is a new generation pet fighting game that will take you to the magical world of Pokemon and become a talented trainer with your perfect strategy to reach the top of the world.

Players capture Pokémon with magic balls to complete difficult challenges. Also, the player can intelligently control the "beast" and damage the opponent with its movements. Through these obstacles and challenges, the player gradually becomes a great coach.

It is a new generation racing 3D mobile genre with beautiful graphics and highly addictive gameplay. Join the popular Bảo Bối, you can create a team from hundreds of treasures with all levels and systems. Organize squads, strategize, change pets in battle...

Are you ready to become a powerful trainer? This is a Pokémon-themed strategy game known to many players that allow players to turn into trainers to create their own strategy and support team. It is developed by game developer Tran Du Quang.

If you're a fan of Pokemon with hundreds of treasures, then Legendary Treasures is the game you've been waiting for. This is a new generation pet fighting game that will take you to the magical world of Pokemon and become a talented trainer with your perfect strategy to reach the top of the world. Players capture Pokémon with magic balls to complete difficult challenges.

Also, the player can intelligently control the "beast" and damage the opponent with its movements. The player will overcome these obstacles and challenges step by step to become a great trainer.

Bo Bi Hyun Thoi is a 3D pet game where you take care of a group of cute raccoons. You can feed them, play with them, bathe them and teach them tricks. The gameplay of Bo Be Win Thoi is similar to other popular games like Candy Crush or Paw and Pet,

where you have to slide your finger across the slide to slide the raccoon's food into its bowl. So you have to try to get three stars on each level.

Bo Bòi Huyện Thoài was created by TRAN DUY QUANG. It is available for both Android phones and tablets. Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại Apk App is a strategy program used by over a million people. Its strategic program has an average rating of five out of five. We have the latest and many older versions of the App application available for download.

About Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại Apk

The great Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại Apk next pet game, which will soon be launched in the Vietnamese market. Having high-quality 3D graphics with lots of amazing battle effects will definitely open up the world of Pokemon, known to players of many generations.

In the App, players use the magic orb to capture the required Pokemon and overcome difficult challenges, explore many new lands and increase the glory of the trainer. The smartest pokemon in the world. The game's characters and Pokémon are designed to live up to the original anime to give the player a sense of belonging.

The game's combat system is a turn-based game that enhances the player's ability to master the game. Now you can control Pokemon yourself with special moves or target them so the whole team can deal damage to the opponent based on their strategy. It also has exciting PvE and PvP features that allow you to test, practice, earn resources and compete with other trainers!

In this great Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại App download game, the developer has designed different types of gameplay for the players so that the players don't get bored while playing. You are free to choose your preferred gameplay and the game has PvP and PvE battle modes.

For PvP gameplay, you can freely compete with other players from all over the game world for the Pokemon Champion. They randomly interact with any opponent and engage in battle with Pokemon. You have to control your pet to use powerful attacks and win.

You have to make very important decisions to send pets to fight your opponent. To do this, you should be well aware of the characteristics of your pet. , pros and cons. If you win, you will climb the leaderboard and the day is not far when you will become a Pokemon Master.

The PvE game mode is simple and designed for people who have just downloaded the game and are not familiar with the gameplay and rhythm of Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại Apk Online. You are placed on a simulated battlefield and your opponent is the game's AI.

Win or lose, it won't affect your ranking much. You are allowed to play the game cycle slower than usual so that you can easily understand the principles and rules while playing. If you are fully familiar with the gameplay and understand the rules of the game, you can engage in direct battles with other players in the PvP game mode.

Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại Apk Features 

Excellent animal trainer

Pokemon fans can enjoy multiple games inspired by this theme at the same time. There are many highlights waiting to be seen in the Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại fashion created by Tran Du Quang. The pet battle strategy game brings you into the world of Pokemon with adorable pets. Here you will become an animal trainer with the dream of becoming the best in the field. After the victory,

use your skills to train and become the "master" of the world's most powerful summoned creatures. The next challenge requires the player's patience, love, and strategic thinking. Use the ball to catch summoned creatures, flexible controls allow them to unleash powerful attacks. If you overcome all the obstacles, you will become the best trainer.

The style of play is easy to understand

If you have ever played games of the same genre, you can start with Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại App without reading the tutorial. The main quest revolves around acquisition, equipment, training, and combat. The game has several game modes for players to join the challenge.

In PvP mode, you use your students against other players. The goal is to become the best animal trainer and win.

In PV mode, practice and get to know each other before officially starting an exciting match. This time, the opponent is not a summoned creature trained by another player, but a Pokemon controlled by a machine. This mode is perfect for new players to practice their skills and gain more experience.

Sign system

Pokemon fans will once again meet the beloved summoned creatures in a new world. In the game, all summoned creatures are beautifully designed, sophisticated and clever in the smallest details. The size of the character is not different from the original.

That's why this game gets a lot of love from the players. Each mascot has its own skills and special abilities. So you need to design the right composition to maximize the power of each summoned creature.

Beautiful 3D graphics

3D graphics make everything look more bright and more attractive. Apart from the characters, the background and sound, and light effects are the most interesting.

The moves of the summoned creatures are a feast for the eyes. To add charm and drama, the App combines background music and live sound.

style of play

Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại is a game with very attractive gameplay that has modes like PvP and PvE. As for PvP, this is a mode where players can battle other players with their Pokemon to find the best trainers. Unlike PvP,

PvE is all about giving players a chance to practice and use their Pokemon to battle machine-controlled Pokemon before taking on other trainers.

 Graphics and sound

This game is designed with high-quality and realistic 3D graphics with beautiful lighting effects. There are also live sounds that accompany each pet's cry individually.

Also, each ability emits its own unique sound effect to create a sense of excitement and attraction for the player when starting the ability.

Form letters

The characters and Pokémon are refined, beautifully designed, and styled just like the original anime, giving players a familiar and intimate feel for this magical Pokémon world.

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Main Features 

  • Noble 3D Graphics Amazing Effects:
  • Hundreds of basic PET standards:
  • Catch unlimited SSR a catch is a win
  • Clash PET system a new generation of 3vs3 strategy
  • Real-time competition, world-class competition
  • The decision to fight on the field is the first trainer made today!