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Jahn Star Games
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8月 02, 2022

Record tracks in the dark zone The My Journey Sebastia Apk also works in non-internet zones, it stores tracking information in the dark zone and transmits it to the internet when connected to the internet.

The game captures village life in all its naturalness as players try to survive in Sebastia Village. To survive it is necessary to do business like work and farming.

You earn money by completing My Journey Sebastia Apk tasks. This method can be used for purchases. In mod games, trading is an important part of using your money wisely.

You will get a link that redirects to the Indtrack web link with your current live position on the map and your trusted people can follow your journey around the world from the web link and it will stop once you complete the journey. Whether you share your journey or not is entirely up to you.

About My Journey Sebastia Apk

My Journey Sebastia Apk Racing cars, bull trucks, pickups, buses, and tractors can be found in the village. How you use these tools is up to you. At the village grocery store, you can buy essentials when you need them.

The game brings village life to all players as we try to survive in Sebastian's village. Labor and economic pursuits such as farming are essential for survival.

My Journey Sebastia Apk helps for the safety of your family members, children or women, when they go out alone and you want to check on them, you can ask them to start the journey or you can track their journey on their mobile app before they meet. can start off, Share Your Journey My Journey Journey can be shared with many trusted people via social media ID or SMS.

My Journey Sebastia Apk Features

  • SOS in case of emergency It works with mobile internet availability, SOS option is available on the App screen, user can click on it when an emergency occurs and the MyJourney app will instantly share their current location with emergency contact numbers mentioned in your MyJourney app.
  • Past Itineraries The MyJourney app saves all your past itineraries available on both the home screen and side navigation menu. You can click on your ride history and it will show your ride history with all the details.
  • Track your journey if you want the MyJourney app to not start collecting your location data and movements without your prior permission. SOS works even if your trip is not active. It activates the GPS with your prior permission and starts the journey.
  • Good for travelers, women, the elderly, and all your loved ones. MyJourney app aims to analyze and track your travel behavior and help you in future planning for you or someone you know for the same route.
  • Web-Based Tracking You can also view your past or current tracks at If you want, you can share it with your trusted person to track you without sharing your current location through the mobile app.
  • Free service Indtrack Mentor provides free on the play store for a lifetime, no user will be charged. Users can give their valuable feedback to make the app more versatile and useful for their journey.

My Journey Sebastia Apk Key Features

  • Improved performance and new inputs
  • Introduction of new vehicles
  • A new article has been added
  • New jobs are available
  • Task assignment system
  • System development
  • This system controls the vehicle
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Add a trading system
  • An integrated traffic control system
  • Friendship system with NPCs
  • Electrical Power System.