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Kaxan Games
v1.9.6 对于Android
7月 29, 2022

Taco Master Apk is one of the funniest games you can find about making tacos, and it's an interesting tycoon game that offers a slightly different concept than what you're used to in this type of game. If you're Mexican and know the taco world well, you'll also find a whole host of inside jokes that will really make you laugh. This game allows you to have fun with one of the most traditional Mexican dishes and you can do it thanks to the tacos in it.

Taco Master offers 3 basic game modes. Career mode, the default game mode for veteran games, is the most important. In this game mode, you just have to increase the number of tacos you can sell to optimize your money and grow your business. Although it may seem easy at first, the reality is that it will be quite a challenge! Can you meet the needs of each of your customers?

Sure you love eating tacos whenever you get the chance, but have you ever considered selling them? Making and selling tacos is an art and that's why the developers of this game decided to transfer all their knowledge about tacos to create the perfect tycoon-style game for fans of this popular Mexican food. So now you can enjoy making tacos in a fun way!

About Taco Master Apk

Like all tycoon games, in this game, you will start with very little resources and you will have to work hard to increase the sales of your tacos. You must quickly assemble the ingredients to prepare delicious tacos and satisfy the taste of your customers. The more tacos you sell in a short amount of time, the more money your taco stand will collect. 

You can then reinvest that money into buying more sophisticated ingredients and upgrading your taco stand's features so your tacos are always delicious. Thanks to this game you will be able to have fun with one of the most common Mexican foods, and you will also see a whole bunch of inside jokes that will really make you laugh if you are Mexican and know the taco world well. .

Taco Master Apk 3 basic game modes. The main one is the career mode, which is a traditional mode of veteran games. In this game mode, you have to increase your support sales to increase your income and grow your business. Sounds simple, but it's actually quite complicated! Can you satisfy all your customers?